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Provincia/sede central: Murcia
Sector de actividad: Informática/Internet

We are an established technology startup formed by young people and focused on creating an useful portal for international students.
We work with great enthusiasm and energy, we love to travel, to meet people from other countries and taking forward projects and services that are useful for others who have these same interests.
With our work, is now the biggest social network for exchange students. At you can find accommodation, photos, rankings, student experiences, information on cities and universities, social tools to meet people and much more.


Fecha de la oferta: 15-07-2018   País: España
Referencia: Bookings
Sector: Atención al cliente/Teleoperadoras

Provincia: Murcia
Población: Murcia
Número de puestos: 3

Puesto vacante: Bookings customer support
Descripción de la oferta: is looking for someone that enjoy the fact of helping other people. We really care about our customer support! We want someone with great persuasive and communication skills to help students and accommodation landlords from countries like Spain, UK, Italy, France, etc. during the process of booking their accommodations around Europe.


To be able to speak fluently and write in at least these four languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish. Some skills in Portuguese or German would be also great!

Previous experience in customer support, sales or lead acquisition (preferably through telephone), will be also welcome. Also to know some very basic math calculations like doing rules of three, percentages, adding VAT to an amount, etc.

Requisitos, Contrato y Salario

Estudios mínimos: Estudios secundarios
Experiencia mínima: 1 año
Imprescindible residir en: Provincia
Tipo de contrato: Duración determinada

Duración del contrato: 6 Mes/es
Jornada laboral: A tiempo completo
Salario: 14 € brutos/año

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